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About the Shop


Little Castle Designs is a one-woman operation, and every item you'll find here is handmade by me (JoAnna) in my home sewing studio in Clinton, SC.  The shop began out of my desire to create clothing for my own children that were safe for them and for the environment, using natural and sustainable fabrics.  However, once I started sewing, I didn't want to stop, and before long, I was well on my way to opening this shop!

The clothing in this shop is meant to capture the joy and magic of childhood, with designs that are simultaneously playful and practical, whimsical and classic, and even the simplest designs are made from the highest-quality fabric. My hope is to create clothing that will be passed down among siblings, cousins, friends, and communities, and that can withstand the activity and messiness of daily life (this is why all of my garments are first tested on toddlers).

Speaking of fabric... Much like we teach our children where their food comes from, I also believe it is important to teach our children where their clothing comes from, and the work that goes into growing the plants that become the fibers that are woven into cloth and then eventually, made into clothes. By choosing handcrafted clothing, we can take the to appreciate the time and work that goes into creating them- and the impact this has on the world around us.  This is why nearly all of the garments in this shop are sewn from organic fabric or from fabrics with other safety and sustainability certifications ( see the FAQs page for more information). 

Because the clothes at the Little Castle are handmade and fabrics are sourced on a small scale, each item truly is unique... and unique is wonderful! This is part of what makes handmade clothing so special.  Handmade clothes are made for exploring forgotten paths, running in fields, and fighting dragons. They are for tea parties and birthday parties and just for fun. Handmade clothes are for reading books under pillow forts and picking vegetables in the garden and staying up late to look at the stars. Handmade clothes are for slowing down and embracing the joy of childhood.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Little Castle.  Feel free to contact me with any questions at


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