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Commonly Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Are your products organic?

How long will my order take?

Many of the items in the Little Castle Designs shop are made from organic fabric.  As a (very) small shop, it is currently out of reach for the Little Castle to achieve GOTs or other organic certifications, but it doesn't take a certification to do the right thing! LCD purchases organic fabrics made by companies including Hawthorne Supply Co. & Birch Organic Fabrics.  Other fabrics used are made by Art Gallery Fabrics - which are not organic, but their fabrics are Okeo-Tex Certified.  Occasionally I may uae fabric from other manufacturers, but only after careful research and consideration.  

We are happy to accept returns or exchanges for up to 30 days from the time your item is delivered.  Please contact to coordinate your return or exchange.

Every handmade garment is unique!  Even items made from the same pattern and fabric may have small variations in where the print falls and other small details. Also, handmade, small-batch garments just look and feel different from mass-produced clothing productshe diffence in quality is truly apparent!  Also, I often have parents worry that clothing from the Little Castle Designs shop is too fancy or difficult to care for, but this isn't the case!  All of my clothing is easy to care for, and due to the high-quality fabric used, they hold up just as well if not better than items purchased in traditional stores.   We hope you will appreciate the time and care that goes into making a quality, one-of-a-kind creation!

What should I know about purchasing handmade clothing?

For items currently in stock, LCD takes every effort to ship items within 48 hours. We ship using USPS priority shipping, which typically delivers items within 1-3 business days of receipt at the post office. However, actual delivery times are dependent upon the post office. For made-to-order items and custom-made items, please allow 1-2 weeks turnaround time before shipping.

How should I care for handmade clothing?

My designs are sewn to last, and to withstand normal wear and tear and machine washing.  The beauty of natural fibers as that, for the most part, they also handle ironing quite well. Specific care instructions can be found in the product description, and on the garment label for items that have been purchased. Visit our blog for more care tips and tutorials!

Do you take custom orders?

Yes!  From monogramming and personalized embroidery to fully customized designs, we are happy to take custom orders.  A few times per year, I will open up orders for holiday & seasonal items.  I can also make matching clothing sets in multiple sizes, "mommy and me" outfits, and I am always happy to modify existing designs for children with special or medical needs.  Simply email with your request. Turnaround time and pricing depend will vary depending on the complexity of the request. 

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